The God of the Patriarchs, Week 8

A Phone Tree Bible Study Series based on The Patriarchs by Beth Moore 099066_w185

Objective of Study: Learn what it means to encounter the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Week 8 Message: Purposed and Favored

Most Notable Quote: “…God is loyal to you…even when no one else is He is present with you no matter what your estate. You cannot enter a single place – not even a prison – where God cannot ultimately make you successful.” (p. 182)

Assigned Scripture Reading: Genesis 38-41

Study Assignments:

– In each chapter reviewed this week, write down the things you notice about God’s intervening presence.

– Research Tamar and her relationship with Judah.

– Reflect back on the journey we have made so far through the book of Genesis. Make a mental note about the role temptation played in each person’s story. Identify the lesson you believe God would have you know about this issue.

– Outline the events of Joseph’s life in this week’s reading.

– Define the word favor in Hebrew.

– Interpret the following quote: “God purposes to use every second of a divinely-ordained wait to build us into the individuals our future demands we be.”

Deeper Thinking:

1) Do you believe that there are different levels or degrees of sin? (Give scriptural support for your response.)

2) How do you choose to deal with temptation?

3) Have you ever been harassed in any way? If you have been, what role did God play in how you chose to deal with the harassment?

4) When you have been falsely accused or set up by someone, how did you deal with your anger, your feelings of betrayal, and/or your attitude related to forgiveness?

5) Do you believe God can receive glory from any and all circumstances?


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