Moving Beyond Spiritual Complacency

Spiritual complacency is a matter that many encounter at one point or another in their faith walk. It is a hard place to live. Why? Because it causes us to see ourselves as we really are. Moving beyond it requires that we become uncomfortable with being comfortable. That may sound strange, nevertheless, it is true.

As I stated in an earlier post from this series, many become overconfident in their religious stance or posturing and as a result, they may become lax. Laxity quite often leads to negligence, carelessness, or even a casual disregard for the things that are faith-building and Christ-centered. This is exactly the state Satan works best with.

While opinion may vary on what it takes to move beyond spiritual complacency, I am sure it goes without saying that it would be impossible to do so without the involvement of the LORD. When the LORD is truly involved in the process, success is guaranteed.

One of the many benefits of allowing the LORD to take the lead in moving beyond spiritual complacency is that He – His Word, His Spirit, His Presence in your life – will make you uncomfortable with being comfortable. His very holiness of being before you and inside of you will insure that you become so aware of your spiritual self and how it stands with regard to the natural self  that you cannot rest in an unholy position. This brings to mind the concept of surrender.

Surrender by definition means to yield, to submit, to relinquish control of. This is what we are encouraged to do as it relates to the LORD. So, if we are to move, to change positions, or to go forward in a direction that leads away from spiritual complacency, we must hold on as tightly as we dare to the One who loves us most and let go of everything, including self, surrendering all.


Meditation Verse: James 4:7a


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