The God of the Patriarchs, Week 9

A Phone Tree Bible Study Series based on The Patriarchs by Beth Moore 099066_w185

Objective of Study: Learn what it means to encounter the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Week 9 Message: Don’t Forget to Remember

Most Notable Quote: “…famine-like seasons in our lives can come on the heels of fruitfulness. In those seasons nothing is more natural than trying to put old personal hurts behind us so we can forget them. But sometimes the harder we try to forget something, the better we remember it. The more we tell the past to get lost, the more determined it seems to be found.” (p. 197)

Assigned Scripture Reading: Genesis 41:50-45:28

Study Assignments:

– Give your thoughts on the following: The future is not whole without the past.

– Notice the dynamics of the relationship between Joseph and his brothers in this week’s reading. Take note of how it compares to their initial relationship.

– List all of the wrongs Joseph’s brothers did against him. (Reflect on why it is important that we know this.)

– Define redeem and redemption in Hebrew, in Greek and in Aramaic.

– Study the concept of reaping and sowing from a Biblical perspective.

– Meditate on and memorize John 15:13.

Deeper Thinking:

1) What do you think the purpose of “famine-like seasons” is?

2) Do you believe reconciliation is an essential element for the Christian lifestyle? Discuss.

3) How have you tended to get past the hurts that have occurred in your life?

4) What is the relationship between guilt and sin?

5) How has God been merciful to you?


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