The Confidence to Break Free from the Chains That Bind

thCACWCSHJA Special Phone Tree Bible Study Message on Confidence and Faith

Even though most of us claim to live free in all that it implies, the truth of the matter is that many of us are very likely fooling ourselves and instead living in a state of bondage.

Bound by the chains of our own making (or quite often due to the subjection of others), we live strangely entangled lives, held down by the choices we make, the fears we allow, and the insecurities we accept.

But is there a point when we should begin questioning ourselves about our faith and whether or not we believe that we can be free, be delivered, and live saved? Shouldn’t we be confident enough to walk like we have been loosed from our strongholds?

Scripture Reading Assignment: Acts 16:16-38

In looking at the story of a jailed Paul and Silas, I suddenly became interested in the jailer who was ordered to watch over them. I was intrigued by the unique position he held and the assigned role he was given. I looked at his life state and compared it to that of Paul and Silas’. On the one hand, I saw a free man watching over two prisoners, but on the other hand, I saw two freed men sharing a greater truth and message of freedom with a man who was bound and chained by his circumstance.

“Every prisoner realizes that his chains have come unfastened.”

In the text, we are made aware that after having to endure a brutal, undeserved beating, Paul and Silas were jailed. While there, they began to worship and praise God. In doing so, they were perfectly positioned to minister to other captives – to those jailed alongside them and to those who were told to supervise their imprisonment. The jailer was present in that number.

Scripture goes on to say that after having to face such an incredible situation – the potential threat of escaped convicts and the startling realization that all were still present, the jailer took a bold step and asked, ” …what must I do to be liberated?” In this, he not only acknowledged that he was in a state of bondage, but he also showed that he was ready to be made free. That he was willing to break free from that which did bind him. His actions indicated that he no longer wanted to be chained to the life state he was living.

Question: Did the jailer have the necessary confidence to break free from the chains that bound him?

In answer to the jailer’s question, Paul and Silas went on to say that belief in Christ would lead to true freedom and deliverance.

Question: What message was spoken to the jailer and his family by Paul and Silas, and what was their heart response to the message?

“…come to faith in God”

Just like the jailer and his family, we can all discover the real truth. The truth of freedom in Christ. We can walk boldly toward our LORD and Savior, allowing Him to break every chain and stronghold that holds us captive. We can have faith, knowing that Christ is our confidence.

Question: Do you faithfully believe that Jesus Christ is your confidence and that He can break every chain or stronghold that binds you?

His Word. Life Relevance. Holy Direction.


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