Contemplating Your Spiritual Map

Have you ever stopped to thoughtfully consider where you are on your spiritual map? Have you ever paused and deeply reflected on where you stand or where you are headed as it relates to being in the presence of the Most High God?


Take a moment to reflect. Contemplate it all…

Are you contentedly standing in your very own version of Eden?

Are you curiously drifting, trying to stay afloat on the tumultuous waters of the deep?

Are you crying out in your personal Egypt?

Are you facing an unknown wilderness, not quite sure where to go?

Are you positioned at the border of your perfect promised land?

Are you passionately surrendered in the Shepherd’s pasture?

Are you in a besieged state, held captive by faceless or nameless enemies?

Are you sitting on the shores of the Eternal, waiting to take His hand and begin walking on water?

No matter where you are on your spiritual map, God is always there. He is ever-present. He is ever-faithful. He is…simply I AM, right where you are.

Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge: IGNITE your life and spirit by spending some dedicated time in the Word of God. Lovingly reflect on Psalm 139. (Recommend reading The VOICE or NASB translation.)


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