Can the Words of One Impact Many? – Understanding What It Takes to Use Your Voice for God

00444589Can the words of one person change the lives of many?

Can anything that is said by a solitary figure impact enough people so as to bring forth change?

Could the one person to inspire a multitude be you?

No matter where you turn or where you look in the word of God, you will encounter some aspect of the one principle. It is a concept that can be seen in the ancient just as much as in the not so ancient. And once the principle, the concept, the message is recognized, it is hard to move away from. Why? Because it reveals just how empowered we each are, and it shows just how much influence we each have.

The Bible repeatedly communicates story after story on the impact of one..

One young shepherd who had a heart for God and a fearless disposition…David (by his hand, a giant was slain and a people were reminded of the Almighty God; by his words, the LORD was glorified)

One peculiar man with a message of repentance…John the Baptizer (by his actions, people were baptized for the remission of sins; by his words, the Kingdom-at-hand lesson was preached and the Lamb was revealed)

ONE carpenter with a holy purpose…Jesus Christ (by His life, a promise became a truth; by His words, a hope became a reality)

One fisherman with a feisty nature…Peter (by his testimony and teaching, the lost found the Savior and many were saved)

One radical who did all he could to stop those of the Way…the Apostle Paul (through his blinding encounter, his life was changed; by his words, the lives of others – the circumcised and the uncircumcised – were changed)

By the influence of one, a grand impact can be made. One raised voice can make a difference and the world can be changed.

What does it take to use your voice most effectively for God?

Using one’s voice for God involves much and yet it is simple at the same time. Understanding what it takes to most effectively use the voice lies in appreciating and accepting what the Bible says. One merely has to look at the aforementioned examples provided to better grasp what it takes. What each of the ones above shared, what linked each together, were four key elements.

1) There was a sincerity of heart in each life.

2) There was a raw passion that drove each man.

3) There was a spirit of humility that caused each person to lower himself before the God of heaven.

4) There was an attitude of surrender by each one.

Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge: This week, make it your goal to research the lives of David, John the Baptizer, Jesus Christ, Peter, and Paul. Write down your findings. Identify the common thread related to how they each used their voices for God.

2 Questions 4U: 1) Do you believe your words have the power to impact many? 2) Do you approach speaking up for God (using your voice for God) with a sincerity of heart, raw passion, spirit of humility, and an attitude of surrender?


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