The Who, What, and How of Living with Spiritual Integrity

“Above all else, honor God and His perfect Truth. Live that Truth, walk that Truth, embrace that Truth in the face of untruth, darkness, betrayal, and hurt. This is what it takes to live with spiritual integrity.” – Eva Kim

Living with spiritual integrity in a world that communicates a desire for it but that is seemingly far removed from it is challenging. It is challenging not because it is impossible, but because it is so at odds with the norm.

Spiritual integrity is about living honorably before God. It is about walking wholly present in truth, His Truth, unwaveringly and without compromise.  It is about existing in an unimpaired holiness that is rooted in Christ and that is Spirit-powered and driven.

It cannot be obtained through singleness of self. It does not originate within one’s own mind. Spiritual integrity comes from a place so beyond the natural self. It comes from the supernatural God.

The character of the woman with spiritual integrity is sound, being shaped by the hand of God. This woman of integrity is sure. She does not stand down when she is quietly encouraged to remain silent to justify a larger wrong. She does not turn away from the little guy who cannot defend himself against the big bully.

The woman with spiritual integrity exudes a confidence that is not born of self. She radiates a bold and determined tenacity. She does not break from Truth when darkness surrounds her or when the very people who have sought her help and spoken with her against injustices betray, hurt, and abuse her.

The woman who lives with spiritual integrity understands that she no longer belongs to self. She understands that she is a new person with a new heart. She understands that the entirety of her being is now pointed toward the very Heart, the very Truth, the very Being of God Himself, and as such, she can be upright, even in a world that seems upside down.


One thought on “The Who, What, and How of Living with Spiritual Integrity

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