A.M. with the I AM

Waking up before the sun rises, I inhale each new day that I have been given. I quickly look toward my window to partake of the beautifully painted, custom-made sky. I am astonished by the sight I get to behold. In my excitement, I smile, exuberantly so. I am in awe. I am amazed. Thrilled beyond measure! To think that I am one of God’s chosen and that I get to witness the brilliance of the I AM…again.

I look forward to my time with the I AM. It is precious. It is unlike anything I have ever known. Each minute a gift. Each second a blessing. His Grace surrounds me. His Spirit enfolds me. His Presence nourishes me.

In my quietness, I hear His voice. His Word whispers softly. Gently. I smile even more and remarkably I can hear Him speak louder. Words of comfort. Words of wisdom. Words to edify, to encourage, to ignite, to inspire. I sigh, satisfyingly so.

This time of intimate connection. No space for intrusions. No disturbances to steal His attention from me or my attention from Him.  There is only the communion that makes us one. His heart and mine, in fellowship and love.

A.M. Conversation Starter: What does your A.M. with the I AM look like?



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