Loving God with Our Wholeness

Candy HeartsAbout a week ago, I was talking with a most beloved cousin about Bible study and about loving God with a whole heart. One shared thought led to another, and we soon decided that we would study together.

“We love but not always with our wholeness.” – L.K. Neither

The more we talked, the more our study began to assume a more defined shape. In the end, we elected to theme our study, Loving God with Our Wholeness. Our mission became one of finding out what that really meant and what it truly looked like in our lives.

Today, my sincere intent is to share with you some of the discoveries the Holy Spirit led me to make…so far.

– Loving God with our wholeness is not about anything we can do on our own.

– Loving God with our wholeness comes from the One that lives around us, as well as inside of us.

– Loving God with our wholeness begins and ends with the Word. (Also see Lk 10:27; Mt 22:37; Mk 12:30)

– Loving God with our wholeness involves releasing the fullness of self, which looks like the pouring out of our person before God.

– Loving God with our wholeness causes us to forget about ourselves and who we think we are.

– Loving God with our wholeness is about a life consumed with bringing God glory and that is focused on worshipping Him. (Study the life and psalms of David.)

“Loving God with our wholeness means we will live doing His whole will; it means we will do things that please Him and not ourselves.” – Eva Kim

Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge: Read and meditate on the following verses -> Psalm 18:1, 9:1, 23, 119:97.

Question 4U: What do you think Loving God with Our Wholeness means and/or looks like?


3 thoughts on “Loving God with Our Wholeness

  1. This has been one of the most profound lessons I have ever taken part in. I have been absolutey amazed at what I have learned. What began as a simple question soon blossomed into a remarkable revival-worthy study on David and Jesus and on the power and influence of the Spirit over the spirit. I wish I could share all that I have discovered, but it would be hard to get it all out in one go.

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