Pit & Pendulum – A Bible Study Series on Psalm 40

A 7-Weeks-of-Sundays Bible Study Series – > featuring the 5 P’s of Bible Study method by Priscilla Shirer pendulum

The 5 P’s of Bible Study at a Glance:

Position yourself.

Pore and paraphrase.

Pull out the points.

Pose your questions.

Plan obedience and pin a date.

Week 1 – >

Position:  Psalm 40:1-3 (The Voice)

Pore & Paraphrase: The LORD comes to us when we call Him. He is always at the ready, waiting for us; He is always willing to respond. He is aware of our states, of our weights, and of our causes of distress. He literally, actively and lovingly draws us up and out of our situations. The situations which seem the darkest and the most hopeless, the circumstances that seem never-ending, He is LORD over them all.

During our liberation, the LORD is gentle and merciful. He perfectly shields and protects us with His grace. He positions us in His just right place so that we can appreciate His presence and find our salvation. This is cause for an explosion of praise, straight from our refocused and renewed hearts.

Pull Out: 

– God never ceases to be present and aware.

– God reigns over the high places and the low places in our lives.

– Freedom is found in the LORD, and with it comes the assurance of peace, the promise of protection, and the opportunity to praise.


– Do we have confidence enough to believe that the LORD is ever-present, ever-aware, and ever-ready to respond to us?

– Is there any place where God is not LORD?

– If true freedom is found in the LORD, why do we resist grabbing on to it and Him?

Plan & Pin: Let us commit ourselves to giving daily reminders about God’s omnipresence and omnipotence.


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