Pit & Pendulum – A Bible Study Series on Psalm 40

A 7-Weeks-of-Sundays Bible Study Series – > featuring the 5 P’s of Bible Study method by Priscilla Shirer

The 5 P’s of Bible Study at a Glance: pendulum_00396120

Position yourself.

Pore and paraphrase.

Pull out the points.

Pose your questions.

Plan obedience and pin a date.

Week 2 – >

Position:  Psalm 40:4-6 (The Voice)

Pore & Paraphrase: Listen, trust God for that is happiness. It cannot be found in that which is considered to be renowned or in any other false, little “g” gods or idols.

The LORD’s works are wonderful. They are remarkable. Truly, they delight. His heart for us is sweet and tender. His care is without end. Understand that what He really wants is our hearts.

Pull Out:

– A genuine relationship with the LORD equates to a fulfilled and satisfied life.

– We have only to witness the things that the LORD has done and is doing to see how much He cares for us.

– We must learn to surrender our hearts to the One who care for us the most.


– Do I have a healthy, intimate, authentic relationship with the LORD?

– When was the last time I sat down, stilled myself, and offered up a chorus of thanks and praise to God in appreciation for what He has done in my life?

– Do I understand what it means to surrender, and am I brave enough to do it?

Plan & Pin: Let us commit ourselves to being still and having a heart-to-heart conversation with the LORD.


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