The Prostitute and the Prince, Part 2

MB900442830With her beauty fading and her sense of self quickly being lost, the princess continued to move further and further away from her prince and her people, in every respect. She became driven in her pursuit of the king and his sons, for they represented everything she wanted.

They had opened up a new world of experiences to her. New sights. New sounds. New tastes. She was able to partake of pleasures she had only wondered about. Once she had partaken of the forbidden, there was no way she could do without them. They provided her a thrill. They gave her a satisfaction that she craved.

And so, the princess freely gave of herself in whatever way the king and his sons had need of, just so she could have what she thought she desired most.

Soon, the king and his sons grew tired of the princess. She was no longer beautiful. She was no longer rare. They told the princess so. Sadly, the princess believed them. She accepted their words as her truth.

From that day on, all the princess could see was how far she had fallen. She now knew that she no longer resembled the young woman she once was. She had learned to camouflage herself behind a mask to cover her shame and her sins. Her life before those who had used her up became a performance. She put on a show for herself, just as much as she put on a show for them.

But, there came a day when something remarkable happened. A familiar stranger saw her…

To be continued…

Join me for a LIVE Bible study class on Wednesday nights during the month of November at The Church of Christ at Bouldercrest. Learn what this amazing series, The Prostitute and the Prince, is all about and see what its relevance is for your life. (The Women and the Word begins at 7:15 PM. Enter through the rear entrance and the classroom will be on the right.)

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