Pit & Pendulum – A Bible Study Series on Psalm 40

A 7-Weeks-of-Sundays Bible Study Series – > featuring the 5 P’s of Bible Study method by Priscilla Shirer pendulum

The 5 P’s of Bible Study at a Glance:

Position yourself.

Pore and paraphrase.

Pull out the points.

Pose your questions.

Plan obedience and pin a date.

Week 3 – >

Position:  Psalm 40:7-8 (The Voice)

Pore & Paraphrase: Delight is found in doing the will of the LORD. His Word, His Truth, His instructions, His laws and His guidelines should be a part of our very makeup. In pleasing Him and in doing as He has said, we will find good pleasure.

Pull Out:

– The things that the LORD has shared by way of His Word and His words do much to tell us about what truly pleases Him.

–  The foundation of our lives must be built on God’s inspired truths.

– Good pleasure and lasting satisfaction in life are found in the LORD.


– Am I more concerned about delighting God or delighting myself?

– What do I personally stand on or in if not the truth of God’s word?

– Can true and lasting pleasure or satisfaction come from anything other than God?

Plan & Pin: Commit to reading Psalm 119 in its entirety this week.


2 thoughts on “Pit & Pendulum – A Bible Study Series on Psalm 40

  1. This was our sermon this morning on Hurting Through the Holidays. Which was a mini sermon. He wove music into the sermon. The Solid Rock, It is Well With my Soul and How Great Thou Art. Thanks for sharing.

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