The Prostitute and the Prince, Part 3

As the apostate princess continued in her life of harlotry and prostitution, she learned much about the ways of men. She learned how to manipulate them and how to use them for what she needed. She learned how to persuade them.

Time went on and she became more enamored and beguiled by the lifestyle she led. It was her norm. Nothing would change that now. She was so far gone that there was nothing left for her to lose. Moment after moment led her further into an abyss of sin, further into a life of vague promiscuity.

00443423The princess became what she needed to be in order to get what she wanted to have. But, there came a day when something remarkable happened. A familiar stranger saw her…

Her prince of old observed her. He remembered her. He still had love for her. He wanted her.

Despite how far she had fallen and what she had been through, the prince sought her out. Did she dare hope that something might change? Did he?

Before another day could pass, the prince…

To be continued…

Join me for a LIVE Bible study class on Wednesday nights during the month of November at The Church of Christ at Bouldercrest. Learn what this amazing series, The Prostitute and the Prince, is all about and see what its relevance is for your life. (The Women and the Word begins at 7:15 PM. Enter through the rear entrance and the classroom will be on the right.)

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