The Prostitute and the Prince, Part 4/4

Before another day could pass, the prince extended his hand and an invitation to the fallen princess. She could not believe it. She was beside herself.

All that she had done. All that she had become. How could he still want her?

Talking on the phoneBecause of her selfish pursuits, her idolatrous desires, and her penchant for sin, she was now a shadow of her former self. She knew this. She did not believe herself worthy of compassion, much less love.

The prince, who had always known her better than she knew herself, spoke. “You are forgiven.”

“Forgiven?” Was that possible, she wondered. Could someone like her be forgiven? Could she hope for a different life after the path she had chosen? Could she dare believe something else awaited her on the other side of her unfaithfulness?

The prince saw her perplexed expression. He waited patiently and lovingly for her response, his hand still extended. He knew that she would have to come to the place of faithful belief, where the love outweighed the doubt, the guilt, and the shame. Only she could decide what would be next.

After a time, the princess who had become a prostitute looked up at her prince. She raised her hand and began walking toward him. She did not know exactly what tomorrow would hold for her, but she now knew three things – she was forgiven, she was loved, and she no longer had to walk in her sins.

Copyright© 2013KNT/4HisGloryWorks

Join me tonight for the final LIVE class from The Prostitute and the Prince Bible study series at The Church of Christ at Bouldercrest. (The Women and the Word begins at 7:15 PM. Enter through the rear entrance and the classroom will be on the right.) 


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