Pit & Pendulum – A Bible Study Series on Psalm 40

A 7-Weeks-of-Sundays Bible Study Series – > featuring the 5 P’s of Bible Study method by Priscilla Shirer pendulum_00396120

The 5 P’s of Bible Study at a Glance:

Position yourself.

Pore and paraphrase.

Pull out the points.

Pose your questions.

Plan obedience and pin a date.

Week 6– >

Position:  Psalm 40:13-14 (The Voice)

Pore & Paraphrase: Only the LORD can rescue us. Only the LORD can save us. He is ever-present, and He always comes at just the right time. He is the God who addresses our neediness in the right moment. Always in season, His timing and His method are perfect. We do not have to worry or be concerned with anything regarding those against us because the LORD delivers His beloved.

Pull Out:

– God is present in every moment of our lives and He is aware of every situation that we face.

– God’s faithfulness in timing is without question; His fidelity is sure.

– The LORD God is our great Deliverer. He provides freedom from distress, no matter who or what the source may be.


– Do you have the courage that it takes to release your negative situations to God?

– Are you as faithful to God as He is to you?

– What does knowing that God is your personal Deliverer mean to you?

Plan & Pin: This week, research the Hebrew meaning of Deliverer.


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