Moving Past Unkindnesses

Random Thoughts from Finding Joseph

Sometimes it may seem like we are singled out or picked on for one reason or another. We might be in a crowd, in a group, or in a family, and yet we feel alone, in some respect, because we are the odd man out.

Wanting to belong or to feel a part of something, we cozy up to others or perhaps  to another, hoping to be recognized or acknowledged as the righteous one. Desiring to be viewed as the faithful one.

Despite our efforts at being good, at doing right, we are perceived wrongly. As a result, unjust actions are directed toward us. Unkind words and cruel hostilities are steered in our direction.

What can we do? Do we wallow in self-pity, get lost in hurt feelings, or do we move past the unkindnesses and hostilities?

The answer, of course, is that we move past the unkindnesses and hostilities. We do not wallow. We do not get lost. Instead, we commit to going forward. We continue to be who we are, living out our truth before the LORD. We  do not get side-tracked by the insecurities or jealousies of others. We remember that even when it seems the loneliest, we are not alone.

Scripture Review: Genesis 37:2-11

Spiritual Life Fitness Meditative Reflection Verse: Psalm 56:11


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