Wandering in Shechem

Random Thoughts from Finding Joseph


(Photo courtesy of www.keyway.ca)

Joseph, the most loved son of Jacob, was instructed by his father to go to Shechem to check on his brothers. He did so, obediently. Not knowing what would befall him, he ventured onward toward this place of significance.

Shechem represented much for young Joseph. It was where many things happened:

1) He was lost and yet found.

2) He was searching for something of value.

3) He was transitioning toward an unknown.

4) He had lost his way, but God knew exactly where he was.

Have you ever been in a position like Joseph? Have you ever known where you were going, but at some point you didn’t know where you were?

As strange as that sounds, many of us are very much like him. We move forward, in prayerful obedience, going toward our places of significance or meaning and then we somehow lose our way. We wander about. We have a hard time getting our bearings.

When we find ourselves wandering in our own versions of Shechem, we can take comfort in knowing that God is faithful.

What else can we find in our own versions of Shechem?

1) We can find peace in knowing that although we may feel or be lost, God will arrange it so that we may be found.

2) We can find relief in knowing that even though it may seem like an endless search is happening, God has prepared a valuable lesson for the process.

3) We can find assurance in knowing that in Shechem, a notable transition or perhaps transformation will come.

4) We can find great joy in knowing that God is present and aware even though we may not be so.

Scripture Review: Genesis 37:12-15

Spiritual Life Fitness Meditative Reflection Verse: Joshua 1:9

To learn more about Shechem, consider reading The Geographical, Historical and Spiritual Significance of Shechem.


2 thoughts on “Wandering in Shechem

  1. Brilliant post! Joseph is one of my favorite characters, and i was looking forward to your teaching on his life. This is a wonderful truth in this post…and a blessing. Can’t wait for more!Thank you & Blessings!:)

    • All glory to God! The Bible is incredible, isn’t it? The more you read and discover, the more you want to read and discover. I am enjoying this experience very much. Thanks for your comments and encouragement. Blessings to you! 🙂

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