A Peek, a Pit, a Prisoner and Me

Random Thoughts from Finding Joseph

Have you ever considered what Joseph may have been thinking while he was being led down to Egypt?

Surely he was dealing with intense emotions and tumultuous feelings. To think that his family, his kin, could betray him so utterly…

Perhaps, for the first few steps, he might have held a secret hope that they would come to their senses and get him.

Maybe a few miles after that, he may have figured that his parents would be missing him and send out a search team to rescue him.

Possibly, beyond the miles of lost hope, he sobered, accepting his lot. Mayhap, he even started to wonder to himself how a peek could have led to a pit and a position as a prisoner.

A peek. A pit. A prisoner. What do any of these have to do with me (or you for that matter)? How does this aspect of Joseph’s story relate to me and how does it help in terms of my finding Joseph?

The play of events, on one level, is pretty straight forward. Joseph is instructed to go and see what his brothers are up to. He does so. He is soon captured. He is humiliatingly stripped. He is put into a pit, with no way out. Finally, he is sold and carried to a strange land, being taken away from everything he knows.

But, on another level, what can be seen is something quite remarkable. What can be seen is a figurative lesson on sin and the course that it can take in one’s own life, as well as a lesson on how surrendering to God can lead to liberation.

Now in no way am I implying or communicating that Joseph sinned. No, quite the contrary. Joseph was victimized in the worst possible way. He was betrayed and given over into slavery. He was given over into a cruel situation that could very well have broken him, changing him forever. But God. He had a plan.

No, what I saw related to sin’s course was this. (Mind you, this is more me than Joseph. Certainly, it is more me than you.) Sin and its lure can lead one to “take a peek.” To go and see. To get a taste or a sample, if you will. From there, it can lure one further until she will either willingly jump into a pit, as Beth Moore likes to say, or get pushed or pulled in. While in that pit, a person can either get lost to self and become a prisoner to her own desires, or…she can confront herself and begin to face God, relying on Him as her Deliverer.

On my quest to find Joseph this weekend, I found myself. I found how my rather “innocent” peeking could lead to my own personal pit of destruction and ultimately imprison me in my own selfish idols of choice. But you know what else I found, praise God? I found a fresh hope. I found a freedom lesson. I found that God could still reach me…even in my pit. And I found that, even though I may struggle with bondage and be led down a path that I do not want to go, God still has a plan for my deliverance.

Scripture Review: Genesis 37

Spiritual Life Fitness Meditative Reflection Verse: 1 Corinthians 10:13

(Listen, it’s okay if you don’t get this post. It’s alright. This lesson was a deep and meaningful one for me. 2013 has been a journey of great releases for me. Everything has been purposed for me to see where grace and freedom intersect. This is one of those places. Thank you for allowing me to share. May God bless you as you journey on your life course. Safe travels along the way!)

2013 release 2


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