Table Talk Tuesdays| Glorious Ruin by Tullian Tchividjian

Glorious-RuinGlorious Ruin (Quote from Tullian Tchividjian): “…in the beginning, God designed the world in such a way that there would be peace and harmony…Life under God’s gracious rule is beautiful and its enjoyment is called shalom…What you and I now experience is a state of ‘antishalom.’”

Table Talk (The Chat): Shalom. A greeting. An exaltation. An action. A state of mind. A name. What is it and how does it apply to your life? Do you practice it? Do you extend it toward another? Can it be grasped, gained, or assumed? Can it be embraced or held close to the heart? In truth, shalom is so much more than words can express. It tells of peace and harmony just as much as it tells of wholeness and restoration. But on the flipside of shalom, an unrest, a disharmony, an incompleteness or brokenness can be seen among many who would call themselves saints. A great number of lives experience “antishalom.” Should it be so, especially in the lives of those who know the LORD?

Finding Freedom (Scripture Reference): John 14:27

Table Talk Discussion Question: If you have declared and accepted Christ as your personal peace, should you be better able to face life and deal with its unexpected happenings?

To Read an Excerpt from This Book: Glorious Ruin: How Suffering Sets You Free


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