Being HIS

A Year of True Intimacy

With a great sense of excitement and anticipation, I stand at the door of my new. My new year. My new opportunities. My new experiences. My new now moments.

There is no sense of trepidation; instead, there is a grand sense of humility, an awesome sense of wonder, and a heart focused on sincere reverence.

With the coming of 2014, I confess that I have set a more determined course toward the very heart of God. I am delighted to steer my efforts (or rather I am delighted to allow Him to direct my steps) even more so toward the pursuit of being HIS.

HIS. My OneWord365. My word of choice that identifies who I am and at the same time who Christ is. And it is there, at Jesus Christ, that I begin on the first day of this new year.

Throughout the year, I will concentrate many of my words and efforts on being HIS. It is to be a year of true intimacy. It is to be a year of viewing my life and my choices through the words, teachings, and experiences of my Savior and LORD.

In purposely concentrating my efforts on being HIS, I have committed to continuously asking myself three key questions throughout the whole of 2014.

1) Am I HIS or am I my own? (Translation: Will this bring God glory or will it bring me glory?)

2) Am I all in? (Translation: Am I as committed to God as I should be?)

3) Am I acting/reacting/responding out of love? (Translation: Do I have a Mark 12:30-31 heart?)

It is my hope that, through this new journey and most sacred pilgrimage, I will partake in a more excellent communion with the Most High, the One who has changed my life beyond all.

Will you join me?


4 thoughts on “Being HIS

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  3. This read is wonderful. I will join you because this year I told myself what I wanted and desired when it came to my walk and relationship with the Lord. Your questions are thought provoking which leads to conviction, refinery, restoration and transformation. I’m sure I can list more but it’s a love and deep adoration for Him that my path and fire for Him would blazing. May the kindle never go out.

    Love and blessings to you dear sister,


    • Thank you for your heart for God and for the kind words you have shared, Terra. Refine. Restore. Transform. I love it! I will be reciting that today…and sharing it with others. I send prayers and blessings your way. May God take us where He will. Amen.

      Love to you in Christ!

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