The Richest Measure of His Divine Presence

God is ever-present. He is always aware. He is always around. He is always alive in each moment.

He shelters us with His being. He protects us with His covering. He surrounds us with His right hand.

He freely pours His mercy over us. He showers us richly.

He blesses our lives abundantly with His grace.

God gifts us with His infinite love.

The richest measure of His divine presence exists in love, through love, and by love. It exists in Christ.

It exists in the One who is LORD. It exists in the One who dwells on high, in the One who demonstrated the greatest love once and for all, in the One who dwells within those who have followed Him and forsaken all else.

It is there, at the place and person of the One that the fullness of God is realized. Where the most abundant, most infinite, and most holy measure of His divine presence is.

Can you believe that He who, quite simply, is can be a part of our lives? That He who is the I AM gives to us of His divine presence without measure? That He who is and does so fully exist can dwell, does dwell in every plane and place associated with our lives?

These thoughts humble me this morning. I am in awe. I am amazed. I am astonished. I am moved…deeply.

Scripture Reflection: Ephesians 3:14-19

Yellow love


9 thoughts on “The Richest Measure of His Divine Presence

      • your blog or either my computer wont let me like your post. not sure if it is still loading or what, but I love your whole blog concept. just tell me what does the phone tree mean. not sure if i already asked you that previously.

      • It may be your operating system that impacts the “like” capability. I have run into that problem every now and again as well. Try clicking a post title on the WordPress page; once it opens the “comment” space, double click the “like” button. That may help. It’s worked for me.

        The Phone Tree Bible Study Group began as a live phone study group. We would have callers connect via a live conference call at a certain time on a certain day, and we would engage in a formal study series. We still do that, along with other special projects, here and there. The blog, however, affords a sustained online presence for those of us who want to connect but are spread out across the map. We get to study and talk here, offline, or through other means. (Check out the IGNITE tab.)

        Thanks for your interest. God bless! 🙂

      • thanks for the “like” tip!
        omgoodness, that is so beautiful! the phone tree Bible study! i like to hear about things that grow into something bigger than what it started out to be! 🙂
        continued blessings Kim!

    • Yes, Debbie. Yes! What you have said is perfect. Each one of us, He knows. KNOWS. We are thought about. Each name, each person is intimately acknowledged and written on His hand.

      Oh, that we are gifted with the fullness of Him in Christ…

      It’s an overwhelming delight.

      God bless you. I learn so much from the works and words of your heart. Thank you, sincerely.

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