EYES WIDE OPEN|A Phone Tree Book Review

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Opening Lines: “MY HEART sounds like a monster with clobber feet, running straight toward me. It’s pitch dark. I’m lying on my back, soaked with sweat from the hair on my head to the soles of my feet. I’m lying perfectly still, but my hands and knees won’t stop shaking.

I’m in my grave, and I know I’m going to die here.”

Review: Over the years, I have heard the name Ted Dekker. I knew that he was popular. I knew that he wrote Christian fiction. I knew that he was said to pen powerful thrillers. But even knowing that, I did not read any of his books…that is until I was afforded with a chance to review one of them as a part of Worthy Publishing’s First Look book program.

Where do I begin?

Oh my word! Wow! Shazaam! I think these words just about sum up how I feel about this fascinating and most thrilling book.

Eyes Wide Open is a suspenseful thriller that will intrigue and capture the attention of every reader. The plot’s twists and turns are so perfectly weaved together that you won’t know where you are going until you find yourself there. The characters, the setting, and the descriptive play between what was real and what was not were brilliant. From the opening lines up until the final sentence of the book, you will literally be enthralled.

There is so much to this book. I wish I could break open every aspect, but at the same time, I do not want to give away any details. Why? Because I want you to read this book for yourself. It’s so deep. It speaks on one level but communicates on another. It’s driven and convicting. It’s startling and surprising.

I loved how Dekker challenged readers to look further. To see themselves in the story. He did a masterful job of presenting a real-world view of how we perceive ourselves and how we should truly see ourselves.

And Outlaw, well…he got my attention.

Bring on the next story. I am so there.

Final Thoughts: This was my first Ted Dekker book, but it won’t be my last. That’s for sure!

Rating: 5/5
Recommend: Yes
Bookshelf Worthy: Yes
WOW Factor: Definitely yes!

To read an excerpt from this book: Eyes Wide Open

Special Note: Goodreads is hosting a giveaway for this title. Giveaway dates: Jan 20-Jan 27, 2014 (36 copies available). Check it out!

A complimentary copy of this book was provided by Worthy Publishing in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The words I have expressed are my own. This statement has been placed in accordance with FTC guidelines.


2 thoughts on “EYES WIDE OPEN|A Phone Tree Book Review

    • This book opened up a whole new world to me. No kidding! I cannot believe I have been missing thrillers like this. I’m on it now though.

      I loved your review.

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