A Theology of Matthew: Jesus Revealed As Deliverer, King, and Incarnate Creator

A Week of Reviews…Day 3

A Theology of Matthew: Jesus Revealed As Deliverer, King, and Incarnate Creator (Explorations in Biblical Theology)Review: A Theology of Matthew: Jesus Revealed As Deliverer, King, and Incarnate Creator (Explorations in Biblical Theology)  by Charles L. Quarles was quite frankly one of the most well put together Biblical resource books I have read in a while. It was both thoughtful and thorough. I learned so much.

Written in such a way that it was simple and clear, while at the same time being scholarly, it presented extensive information on the person and deity of Jesus Christ. It was rich in scriptural details. It provided a considerate perspective on how Jesus was likely perceived in ancient times, as well as on how He is perceived now. It had a thematic and theological aspect. It also afforded me with a conclusive takeaway and challenge per revealed concept.

This book was serious but not so much that I got lost in the details. It captured my attention, held it, fed it, and had me wanting to learn more. The references were plentiful and the breakdown of the content was ideal. I found myself in student/researcher mode the entire time I read this book.

This is the type of book that must be savored. It must be read slowly and precisely. It will encourage deeper consideration and deeper study. It has earned the status of favorite for my personal library. A one-time reading will not be enough. I can unwaveringly say that I will revisit it again and again.

Rating: 5/5
Recommend:  Yes
Relevant: Yes
Bookshelf Worthy: Yes
Audience: Bible students (formal and informal), Education ministers, Theologians, Teachers
Other: This would be an excellent book to feature for a Biblical education class in a church and/or in an academic setting.
Bonus Features Worth Mentioning: Questions for Study and Reflection, Index of Scriptures

A complimentary e-book copy of this title was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. The words I have shared are my own.


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