10 Days Without|A Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge and Giveaway

About 10 Days Without: A Rebellion Against Apathy. A Strategy for Action. 17671999

Life is full of good intentions, but for too many, our good intentions never become good actions—they don’t move us forward, draw us closer to God, or make a difference in the world. Daniel Day

“Daniel Day could tell you all about his love for God and his desire to live as a follower of Jesus. But it took a simple but radical experiment to move from simply talking about it to actually living like it. For ten days at a time, Daniel chose to abandon a certain “necessity”—a coat, a voice, shoes, media, furniture, legs, touch—and to blog about it to raise funds and awareness for organizations that are doing amazing things to make a difference in the world. And then he invited others to join him in the experiments and spread the vision. Together they served God and others—and experienced significant personal change in the process. Ten Days Without is the story of their life-altering adventure.” – Amazon.com

Review: Have you ever read a book that convicted just as much as it inspired? 1o Days Without is exactly that kind of book.

So many of us live in a bubble. We speak about what we should be doing. We talk about how the world currently is. But what are we doing besides speaking and talking? Can we move beyond mere mouth service and actually do something? According to Day, we can. According to the Bible, we should.

This book will impact you, I dare say, whether you like it or not. I believe that its message is powerful and impactful. It will motivate and stir up those concerned about the cause of Christ.

Rating: 5/5 Stars *****

Spiritual Life Fitness Challenge: Make the decision to go 10 days without. Visit 10dayswithout.com and learn how to put this book into action right away.

A Phone Tree Gift-Away Giveaway: A copy of Daniel Day’s book, 1o Days Without, will be given away to a random Phone Tree visitor. To be considered for this Gift-away giveaway opportunity, simply leave your first name and a comment about what you are willing to go 10 days without. (For those who have blogs, please feel free to add your URL so that we may get to know you better.) The winner will be announced ten days from today (Tuesday, February 4,  2014).

Pass It On! Change a life for the better.

A complimentary copy of this title was made available through the Blogging for Books blogger review program in exchange for an honest review. The words I have expressed are my own. I was neither compensated for my review nor expected to give a positive critique.


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