A Phone Tree Bible Study Series|Experiencing the Heart of Jesus (Week 2)

The Sunday Bible Study Series – > featuring Experiencing the Heart of Jesus: Knowing His Heart, Feeling His Love by Max Lucado 403781

Week 2: Experiencing the Peace of Jesus

Lesson Emphasis: Fear That Becomes Faith(Day 4)

Reading Assignment: Acts 9

Meditate and Memorize: Acts 9:31

Knowing and Feeling (Words from Max): “Experiencing Jesus’ peace often comes at a great price to our idea of security – what we can control. We have to let go of what we know and step out in faith.

Paul did not decide to abandon the Law and embrace grace because it was common sense. He met Christ, and it changed him forever. (Romans 8)”

The Heart…Matters (Lesson Summary): The peace of God comes by way of connection with Jesus Christ. As we draw nearer to Him, He gives to us freely of Himself. This includes His presence, His calm, His comfort, His security, and His salvation.

Question: Does it scare you to know that you have to let go of your own security in order to experience lasting peace [in Christ]?

Challenge: Define peace in your own words.


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