When There Are No Words

When there are no words left to say, God still hears all that is unsaid. When the tears fall and don’t seem to have an end, God draws near. When the understanding that is desired seems elusive, God has a way of bringing about clarity. When hope fades and circumstances seem grave, God declares His faithfulness.

On the eve of an inevitable ending of a cherished and most beloved life, I simply urge you all to love and hold close your family and friends. Pray with and over them. Let them know how much you care. Forgive them for their wrongs, encourage them where they have need, but most of all share the message of Jesus…over and over and over again.


2 thoughts on “When There Are No Words

  1. Yes, Kim, I conquer. Life here on this side is definitely too short. I am going to miss my friend! I have cried and begged God for a miracle… I know He knows better than I. His love is everlasting. We, through this experience, must learn something from her example: never give up no matter how hard this fight, trust in the Lord with all your heart, and love hard. Rest, my dear friend, rest.

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