Learn It, Teach It, and Live It Out

A Route 66 Message

Over the last few days, I have thought about, reflected on, and deeply considered the simple truths highlighted in Deuteronomy 6. The truths are so relevant and so meaningful, no matter what season of life you or your family are in.

And while I have referred to this meaty chapter many times over, I felt strongly that I should revisit its principles today.

Scripture Reading: Deuteronomy 6

Purpose: “This is so that you’ll live in deep reverence before God lifelong, observing all his rules and regulations that I’m commanding you, you and your children and your grandchildren, living good long lives.”


– Listen obediently.

– Do what you have been instructed to do, according to the Word of God.

– Be attentive and vigilant.

– Love God with your entire being and have a personal relationship with Him.

– Keep God’s Word before you, around you, inside you. Internalize it.

– Communicate God’s Word as much as possible to yourself, to your loved ones, and to all who have ears to hear.

– Let your life be a reflection of God’s truths and instructions.

– Know and believe that God will lead you to the place where He has determined is best.

– Glorify God in all things.

– Have faith in God as Deliverer and Liberator.

– “Deeply respect God, your God. Serve and worship him exclusively.”

– Be mindful of what and who you expose yourself to. Don’t get comfortable with the carnal.

– Do what is good and right in God’s sight.

– Don’t forget your God, your past story and your walk of freedom, or the promises of the Most High. Remember, remind, and reflect.

– Live humbly before God.

Prayer: Father, Your Word is a blessing that we pray never to forget. It is who You are and who you would have us to be. May the truths and principles of Deuteronomy 6 stay before us. Help us to learn it, teach it, and live it out in our present moments and beyond. In the name of Jesus. Amen.


His Word. Life Relevance. Holy Direction.


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