A Phone Tree Bible Study Series| Experiencing the Heart of Jesus (Week 5)

The Sunday Bible Study Series – > featuring Experiencing the Heart of Jesus: Knowing His Heart, Feeling His Love by Max Lucado 403781

Week 5: Experiencing the Joy of Jesus

Lesson Emphasis: Sacred Delight (Day 1)

Reading Assignment: John 15

Meditate and Memorize: John 15:11

Knowing and Feeling (Words from Max): “What is sacred delight? It is…an inner exuberance that comes from God.”

The Heart…Matters (Lesson Summary): In order to experience the joy of Jesus, we must know Him. We must know Him so intimately that we understand what and/or who brings His heart joy. Experiencing Him in this way affords us with the blessed chance to delight in what He delights in. It allows us to appreciate what He holds as sacred. It grants us the ability to comprehend that which He views as holy. Only then can we fully grasp and experience the unwavering, exuberant joy of Christ.

Question: How would you define inner exuberance [that comes from God]?

Challenge: Select seven people from your circle of influence. Send a text message, email, card, or letter to one person per day. In your communication, make sure to refer to Psalm 126:3.


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