MARCH BOOK CLUB CHAT|Happy Wives Club – We Are Enough for Us (Tuesday Feature 1/4)


Continent: AFRICA

Conversation: We Are Enough for Us

Pages: 52-60

Pat and Henry: “Our own company is plenty for us. We’re great friends, so even if we don’t go around the town, it’s enough for us…We can actually sit in each other’s company all day long and not be bored…”

Let’s Chat: Pat and Henry have been married for forty-seven years. Quite the blessing, right? Throughout those years, they have learned several things that have made their marriage a solid one. Below, I have listed a few things that stood out to me based on their conversation with Fawn. Read through the list and feel free to share your thoughts.

– Have fun together – joke, laugh, and play.

– Be friends with your spouse.

–  Respect one another.

– Make each other smile.

– Hold hands.

– Choose your friends carefully. Your core group should complement you (and you them), they should be like-minded, and they should put their marriages and families first.

– Focus on what your spouse does right instead of on the minor things he or she does wrong.

– Never carry a disagreement into the night. (“It simply isn’t that important.”)

– Remember, you are not promised tomorrow with your spouse. Don’t live with regrets.

“Friendship is essential: Above all else, these couples are all best friends. Each person’s spouse is his or her number one confidant. They all have friends outside of their marriage, but their greatest friendship, the one they’ve spent the most time building over the years, is with their spouse. – Fawn Weaver, Twelve Secrets of a Great Marriage

Let’s Chat Questions:

1) How important do you think it is to be friends with your mate?

2) What from the aforementioned list resonated with you the most and why?

3) Do you agree with Fawn’s statement regarding the greatest friendship?



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