A Saturday Family Fun Read-Aloud Book Recommendation|The Ugly Bug Ball

15904824The Ugly Bug Ball by Michelle Burns

About the Book:
Let’s go to the ball! It’s time for the Ugly Bug Ball, and all the ugly bugs are in a buzz! Only, there’s one problem: not all of the ugly bugs were invited. Even though Stanley is an ugly stinkbug, he’s left out because of his stench! Will he let one bossy bug dictate if he can go, or will he gather his courage and finally meet the bug of his dreams?

My Review:
What an interesting story! (Not interesting like you don’t quite know what to say, but interesting like WOW!)

This book had a wow factor weaved into its pages. The story had distinctive characters, internal and external struggles, power shifts, and unexpected heroes. It also had an educational emphasis.

There are so many lessons in this. I’ll just encourage you to read it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Rating: 4/5
Recommend: Yes
Bookshelf Worthy: Yes

Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this title to review. The words I have shared are my own and have been submitted with honesty.


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