MARCH BOOK CLUB CHAT|Happy Wives Club – Love vs. “In Love” (Tuesday Feature 3/4)


Continent: AUSTRALIA

Conversation: Love vs. “In Love”

Pages: 180-185

Sanita and Abraham: “…you should respect each other and give importance to the other being also; you should not treat them like slaves or as unwanted.”

Let’s Chat: Sanita and Abraham were a traditional Indian couple who came together by way of an arranged marriage. Their experience taught them much. Please refer to the list below to see some of the things that stood out to me based on their interaction with Fawn.

– Part of loving one another is coming to a place of understanding where serving from the heart is concerned.

– Each person brings something special to the relationship, in every season of life. This should be explored.

– Do not be afraid to communicate your need for help or assistance.

– It is important to appreciate the role and identity of each partner.

– A healthy balance should exist with regard to family and their involvement in the marriage relationship.

– Respect your mate and be a person that he or she can respect.

– Express how wanted, how important, and how loved your spouse is.

Let’s Chat Questions:

1) Have you or your mate struggled with self-identity in any way during your marriage? Discuss.

2) Do you find it difficult to talk to your spouse or ask for help? Why?

3) How involved is your family or your partner’s family in your relationship?

“Happily ever after is not a fairy tale. It’s a choice.” Fawn Weaver


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