Sugar FREE: Real Life, Real Change + a GIVEAWAY

It’s Saturday morning and I am sitting in my PJs thinking about giving up sugar. Yep, you heard me. I am thinking about giving up sugar (gulp) – ALL sugar. Well, all sugar that is not natural. I know I need to. I know I want to. I shall. I just needed to say it out loud.

I have been going back and forth, wondering if I can really be free of this sweet torment that is quite delicious going in, yet rather troublesome going out. Oh yes, I have done it before. It was only by God’s power. I can’t do it without Him.

What happened to get me back on the sugary side of things, you ask? A cupcake is what happened. Actually, several cupcakes. German chocolate cupcakes to be exact. (I’m just being honest.) I had one, which led to many others. It’s like that with me. In fact, I can recall when a slice of birthday cake opened up Pandora’s box and translated into a twenty pound weight gain. Although it was years ago, I haven’t forgotten. I can’t.

My Temple Building lessons stick with me, and I use them, even now. But (and this is a big BUT), I want to exorcise sugar once and for all and be t-totally free of it. Can you imagine?!?! I want to have a day free of itching and inflammation on my skin. A day when I can actually operate in a body that does not get the “sugar slugs.”

So…today, I am making preparations to go sugar FREE. My testing ground will be the month of April. I needed to say this to you, my many witnesses, as it makes me more mindful of accountability. (Support and prayers are a great thing when you intend to make a major life change. Really!)

My Pledge: I hereby pledge to give up all obvious forms of that sweet goodness known as sugar for 30 days this April. Each time I feel that craving, pulling, taunting, teasing desire to partake of my personal poison and idol-of-choice, I will stop and pray, praise, read or recite.

What this means for you…

As a special treat, I will be giving away a copy of  Year of No Sugar by Eve O. Schaub. 18601926

Giveaway Details:

1) Leave a comment on this post about what you would like to be FREE of. (Please indicate if you would like prayer on your behalf regarding your personal poison or idol-of-choice.)

2) You may comment between now and April 30, 2014. (There is no limit on how many times you comment. You will receive an entry per comment.)

3) The winner of this giveaway will be announced on Thursday, May 1, 2014. (The winner will be chosen via

4) In the event that no one enters this giveaway, a copy of this title will be donated to the public library. (I feel very strongly about giving back to others and to my community. I believe this book will be encouraging and helpful to many.)


12 thoughts on “Sugar FREE: Real Life, Real Change + a GIVEAWAY

  1. I am trying to eat low fat, low carbs foods. I hope the fresh fruits, berries and vegetables that grow in my area will help me eat the right foods.

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  3. Wow…no sugar? I am intrigued! Perhaps I will join you after I read the book (your review pulled me in)! I have increased my amount of protein lately so maybe discarding sugar would be a complement? Quite possibly though, I will have to wait until after all the chocolate goodies are gone in the house…definitely though…you are truly an inspiration to me!!

  4. I can honestly say that I am looking forward to this challenge. I want to see how my body responds. My biggest obstacle will be getting past my false belief that I cannot live without the sugar. God is faithful though and He will show me, just how strong He is, as well as how strong and disciplined I can be through Him.

    I’m excited to see what’s to come! Thanks for your prayers and support. You have always been so encouraging. I will keep you lifted as well.

    Here’s to God, greens and natural goodness!

  5. WOW!!! 30 days of no sugar!! As I was reading this post I was thinking, wouldn’t that be a great thing to do. Giving up bread, pasta and rice!!! Oh my, wouldn’t I feel better too. You can do it. Absolutely. You have my prayers and support. Possibly I will join you.

  6. Kim ,
    Wow that is awesome ! I know you can do this so I pray that God will give you the discipline to undertake this challenge.
    Now for me, my doctor has suggested that I limit my intake of caffeine for medical reasons and I have not been able to do so . I am going to pray that for the month of April to come off caffeine to improve my health. This will be a big struggle for me, please pray that I able to do so.

    Thanks ,

    • I do so adore you, Archie! We CAN do this. All things are possible, right? Right! God is faithful; He will see us through this. Without a doubt, He will equip us.

      Hugs in Christ!

  7. For me, it would be idol of choice. So praying for you during this time. I am doing the Made to Crave Action Plan and we are discussing the same things. Weight and how to lose it and giving up sugar. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you so much for commenting. I am grateful for your prayers!

      Made To Crave helped me so much when I read it. The message that Lysa shares never gets old. It’s definitely worth another look.

      I will be praying for you regarding your journey.

      Many Blessings!

      • I would like to give up sodium. I was doing okay with small amounts of it, but after eating fast food for two days, the headache came back. I refuse to let it have the best of me, so I will continue fighting the temptation. Praying for success during your 30 days. Also, your post was funny. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

      • I’m so sorry about the headache. I completely get it. Sodium and sugar are right there together. Right? I will be praying for you regarding your efforts. In the meantime, thanks for keeping me in mind.

        Hey, do you have a Farmer’s Market or Whole Foods near you? Herbs and spices are the new, old or rather old, new yum. Enjoy!

        One more thing, if you are ever in downtown Atlanta, go to R. Thomas Deluxe Grill on Peachtree. It will change your life and perspective on flavorful food. 🙂 Oh yeah!

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