Sugar-FREE in Real Time


10:40 PM It’s the eve before my sugar-FREE journey is set to begin. Yikes, right? Uh…that would be a big, fat yep. Seriously though, I am good. But ( and as I have said before, that’s a pretty huge but), I must confess. Today was something and a half plus two slices of buttered toast.

In keeping all things open and clear, I have to tell you that earlier today, my sugar gimmies were having a party. It was kind of like a last hurrah. It’s funny now, but it was not so much then. Everything I could get my hands on, I ate. No, I’m kidding. I did try, however, to get one last sweet in though. That yummy goodness (make that badness) serenaded me and wore me down. Was it worth it? At the time, I would have cheerily hollered, YES! Now I know better, so my answer is, of course, NO. I’m itching to prove it, experiencing that low thrum of inflammation I told you about. Ha! That’s what I get. Still, it was a lesson and a reminder that I needed on so many levels.


Which brings me to two points. First, the whys and whats of my sugar-FREE journey. You can read about it here, as well as consider taking part in The Phone Tree Giveaway. While I do have a deeply personal spiritual objective regarding this journey that is between me and God, I can tell you that the physical, internal change to come is very important to me. Those of you who have health concerns surely know where I am coming from.  Second, all of this brings me to my spiritual life fitness lessons for today.

Spiritual Life Fitness Lessons re: Sugar-FREE:

1) All things are not for my good.

2) Abstaining from those things that are bad actually helps to make me stronger in the physical as well as in the spiritual.

3) Healing, much like renewal, comes down to a choice.

10:50 PM Well, I am off to quiet myself a bit. I will pray and reflect. And yes, of course, I will meditate on God’s word. Can’t do without it!

If you have decided on taking part in a journey of your own, I send you waves of Christ-love, sincere wishes for grace travel and oodles of good cheer. My prayers are certainly with you.

11:4o PM Question: What spiritual life fitness lessons did you learn today?

* I’ll be periodically posting real time comments, thoughts, and lessons learned along the way for the next 30 days, right here under this post heading. For quick access, just scroll over to the right and click on the category tab marked Sugar-FREE in Real Time. I’m sure it will prove to be very interesting and insanely humorous. Not! 🙂 *


11 thoughts on “Sugar-FREE in Real Time

  1. Sugar-FREE in Real Time:

    4/30/14, 8:37 A.M. – On this, the final day of my challenge, I have to say that I am grateful to God for all things. I am thankful that He showed me that abundant life is in everything! I have honestly learned so much. The lessons will stick with me, I pray.

    As a result of this challenge, experiment, lifestyle change, or what others may lovingly perceive as madness, I have elected to continue on…indefinitely. I will, modify my plan a wee bit here and there (more so to include things like quinoa, flax seeds, fermented veggies, green drinks and coconut kefir), but on the whole, my body needs this. I have seen more gains than you can possibly know. And still, I am learning and being stretched.

    Some may wonder whether or not I will partake of a treat here or there. The truth is I don’t want to at all. The reality, however, is that sugar is everywhere. I can watchdog my way through life OR I can live fearlessly, taking it a step at a time and trusting God moment to moment. I choose God! I choose life…a sugar-FREE life.

    And for the more technical, sugar-FREE for me is more so about a NO! to processed and refined sugars, as well as obvious desserts plus and a YES!!! to God’s earthy goodies, by way of fruit, veggies, and good grains. With that said, I must confess that I will be loading heavier on vegetables and more alkaline-based fruits. Certain fruit, I have learned, jerks my body into uh oh territory. But I’m more attuned to this and therefore more aware of what I need and what I don’t need.

    The next obvious learning and living well challenge for me has to do with gluten. Yep! So, I will be digging into the books and doing some research along these lines. And you know what? I’m looking forward to it.

    If you tried to implement this plan or any other in any way, I clap my hands and whoot for you. 🙂 Here’s to your health and to living well!

  2. Sugar-FREE in Real Time

    4/26/14, 5:05AM – Beef doesn’t like me and I can’t say that I am fond of it. Ugh! What was I thinking? I am up and my digestive system is letting me know, in no uncertain terms, that beef is a no go. My response, “I couldn’t agree with you more!” 😦

    On a more positive note, a friend of mine recently hit the 5-days FREE mark. 🙂 She said that she has noticed that her mood is better, her cravings have continued to diminish, and her sleep has improved. Wahoo!!!

    Give the Sugar-FREE lifestyle a try. Start with a low exposure plan if a no exposure plan is too hard right now. You can do it! 😀

  3. 4/21/14, 7:53 AM –

    I’m on my way out to exercise this morning, but I had to pop in and say that there are 3 major things that I learned over the weekend.

    1) Once your body feels good and moves toward better health, you will not want to return to the dark side. If you are exposed to something, you can immediately tell. Trust me, you won’t like the results.

    2) Hidden sugars and gluten…PLEASE be alert and aware of the dangers.

    3) Get moving! Do something, whether it’s jumping on a trampoline, going for a walk, climbing stairs in your building or community, or Jazzercise (hint, hint; you will LOVE it!!!)

    Listen, if you want access to free resources to help you along, contact me via email ( I know of a superb program that may spur you on.

    Here’s to healthy living and wellness!

  4. Sugar-FREE in Real Time:

    4/18/14, 4:47 AM – If you knew sugar was killing you, would you stop consuming it? If you knew that it contributed to your poor health, would you be willing to give it up?

    I keep thinking about the aforementioned. Really, I do. You know what I have come up with after thinking about it? Sugar insanity, that’s what I have come up with. You see, I realized that I, in my former life (if you will), suffered from sugar insanity. I was guilty of doing the same insane thing over and over and over again, expecting to get a different result. I was/had been addicted, in bondage, persecuted by my own hands each time I chose to gobble, gulp, and ultimately devour all those cupcakes, cookies, pies, cakes, icecream surprises and the like. Oh my!

    Now I can say that each day as I go forward with this sugar-FREE plan, I realize more and more just what sugar (along with some other things) has done to my body. My goodness! My craving for it was madness. (Again, I cannot help but liken this to my pet sins. Madness, I tell you!)

    What I have noticed to date,regarding my health:
    The aches, pains, and overall discomfort that I felt within my own skin is remarkably absent as it was.

    I can “hear” my body even more now.

    I sleep better.

    I have fewer digestive problems.

    My tongue has a healthier color.

    My skin has fewer eruptions.

    My joints don’t give me cause for concern.

    The “thrumming” I was experiencing is largely gone.

    The histamine issue…wow!

    My ability to concentrate has improved.

    The brain fog I was dealing with is significantly less.

    My mood is better.

    My desire for water and green leafy foods is greater.

    Food does taste better.

    I’ll tell you more later, but before I go, let me say that the dangers and hidden traps of sugar are all around. You wouldn’t believe me it if I told you just how prevalent it is. I am not trying to convert you or convince you to become sugar-FREE, but…just think about it.

  5. Sugar- FREE in Real Time:

    4/13/14, 11:55 AM – This journey so far has been quite amazing. I have learned much, even in this short time. It’s funny, I thought I knew myself well. After engaging in a task like this, however, I have learned that it reveals one’s true character. What I know without a doubt is this:

    1) You cannot hide from the gimmies, the I wants or the grrhs. (Those who deal with cravings and strong food desires know what I mean by this.)
    2) Some days are more challenging than others, but every day is a day that God gives me the will to continue on. I have just enough – the perfect amount of ___________ (grace, strength, peace, will power, food, support, etc.) to sustain me for the day (makes me think of the manna lesson).
    3) Just because others have IT “on the table” does not mean that I have to partake of it.
    4) Being more cognizant of the internal/external benefits of a sugar-FREE lifestyle is a blessed gift from God.
    5) Sugar may very well be in everything, but it is not in EVERYTHING!

    Spiritual Life Fitness Lessons (Days 1-13) – > If I am to have vitality,wellness, and health in my life, both spiritually and physically+, I must stay alert, I must trust God to sustain me, I must have self-control, I must be mindful of the gifts of God that address life abundance, and I must stop looking at ALL the things that I cannot have and instead look at and appreciate ALL the things that I can and do get to have.

    Extra Helpings…
    I was recently asked how I was doing with going sugar-FREE and I responded by saying that I was doing better than I thought I would. Now, of course, my “better than I thought I would” statement may come across a certain way to some, but the truth lies in this – it was not that I did not believe in myself. I did and do. It had more to do with me psyching myself out. Don’t we all do that spiritually as well, especially as it relates to faith? Chew on that thought a bit and then apply it to your life. It’s a doozy! 🙂

    His (and learning to appreciate what that means more and more),

  6. Sugar-FREE in Real Time:

    4/8/14, 7:00 AM: My spiritual life fitness lessons are a plenty, but the resonating thought that stands this morning ++…a spirit of fear is not a part of the plan. God has given me power, love, and a sound mind to overcome every temptation. Oh yes!

  7. 4/7/14, 6:37 AM – Learning more and more, even on top of what I had already discovered (regarding sugar). The beautiful truth is that I can say that I am immediately aware of a significant decrease in some of my physical symptoms. No kidding! It’s amazing. I cannot wait to go further. More to tell you soon. In the meantime, I am reviewing two new titles which I will share info on later.

    Have a Sugar-FREE day!

  8. Sugar-FREE in Real Time:

    4/2/14, 6:40 AM – Day 1 was a success. Praise God! With that said, I have to let you know that the lure of sugar is everywhere! (Sounds much like sin, doesn’t it?) What I found was that my challenge came not from a lack of self-discipline related to sugar, rather it came from various external variables that I had no control over. The beauty of it though was that it brought my attention right back to God.

    Spiritual Life Fitness Lesson for Day 1: God is in control. He can shield me from all harms and show me a sure way of escape.

  9. Sugar-FREE IN Real Time:

    4/1/14, 7:15 AM – Woke up in serious need of prayer. My mind went to…you guessed it…thoughts of what I could not have. Even as my body is still dealing with the consequences of yesterday’s sugarfest, my mind takes me there. Ha! But God is greater and time with Him has calmed the raging beast.

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