The Sunday Bible Study Series: Restless (Week 1/8)

RESTLESS – Because You Were Made for More by Jennie Allen

Week 1: Are You Restless?

Restless can be defined in a number of ways. It may refer to being uneasy, fidgety, edgy, tense, or anxious.  It may also refer to being disturbed, troubled, broken, or unsettled. Ultimately, however, it points to a life, a heart, and/or a mind that is unquiet and unable to rest. Does that sound like you in any way?

Have you found that your life is on fast forward? Anything and everything is happening and you just can’t seem to get a handle on it. Or perhaps, your life is going in the extreme opposite direction and you find yourself going in slow motion mode. Mayhap, your life may be neither of these and it exists in a steady state of humdrum, where you find yourself to be listless and unresponsive but you just don’t know why.

If you exist in any of the aforementioned states, then I want to urge you to take part in this study series.

Study Objectives: 922360

1) Identify your vision.

2) Clarify your life purpose.

3) Activate your dreams.

4) Find your God-story (the place where your story connects with God’s).

Getting Started:

This week’s challenge will be to complete the following tasks.

– Read, rehearse and recite Hebrews 12:1-3.

– Journal your thoughts and feelings about where you are right now in your life – content and comfortable, thirsty and hungry, lost and found at the same time, etc. Consider what particular things are hindering you from grabbing hold of your vision and realizing your dreams.

– Begin studying the life of Joseph (Genesis 37-50).

– Pray to God, asking Him to clarify your life purpose. Reveal to Him your secret fears and doubts related to your dreams, as well as His vision for your life.

– Consider securing a copy of this book. It will be well worth it.

From Jennie:

“The story of God through Scripture + An understanding of myself and my resources + Taking inventory of the need around me + The mystery of following the Holy Spirit’s leading = Obediently living my purpose”

(SG, p. 28)


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