APRIL BOOK CLUB CHAT – Anne of Avonlea (A Beyond the Pages Tuesday Feature, 1/4)

In the Words of Anne:

“…living so that you beautify your name, even if it wasn’t beautiful to begin with, making it stand in people’s thoughts for something so lovely and pleasant that they never think of it by itself…”

00309047Let’s Chat, Beyond the Pages: Isn’t this such a delightfully transforming thought – living so that you beautify your name? I love it! It speaks and has meaning beyond the obvious. At least it does for me.

As I reflected upon it, in the way that I do, I could not help but consider how the words impacted my heart and touched my spirit.  It made me think not of the name of my birth, no, rather it caused me to think of the name that came with my new birth. The name that was always meant to be mine…and yours. What do I mean? The name that we were given when we purposely chose to follow and walk with Jesus Christ – the name Christian (emphasis on Christ).

We must live so that we beatify His name. Would you agree?

Even from there at Anne’s first thought, she goes on to say, “even if it wasn’t beautiful to begin with.” Was that ever you? It certainly was me. Not beautiful in that I was not holy, not peculiar, not set apart. Before Christ, before the wearing of His name, I was sinful, broken, without hope, and in a sense ignorant of grace. But now, I am something altogether different. I am something altogether new. I am beautiful in the purest sense and so are you. We are now altogether lovely. And you know what? When people see us at present, they should see Christ in us. They should see something so pleasant and beautiful that it lets them know, as the Bible says, “they had been with Jesus.”

Let’s Chat Question: How do Anne’s words speak to your heart?

A Beyond the Pages Challenge: Complete a Scripture study on Acts 4:13. Next, reflect on how others might see or know that you belong to or have been with Jesus.


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