Starving to Death (A Sobering Look at a Spiritually Deficient Lifestyle)

Starving to Death is an intensely sobering title, I know, but that is exactly what’s happening to so many people today. PEOPLE. ARE. STARVING. They are in want for something. They are in need of something. But even with that said, they are going without. Christians are no exception.

Why are Christians going without and why are they allowing themselves to starve or to be hungry when it comes to the spiritual? Maybe it’s because they don’t know what to eat. Perhaps it’s because they know what to eat, but they just don’t want it. Or maybe it’s because they don’t have the resources, the means, or the wherewithal to know how to partake of the food that is available to them.

Why am I talking about this? It needs to be talked about. People need to understand what starving to death in the spiritual sense means. They need to be aware of the ramifications of prolonged spiritual deficiency. They need to take a closer look at their own lives and choices so that they can see how it impacts abundant living in every sense of the word – in the physical, in the spiritual, with the emotional and mental, and even relationally. And still there’s more.

Spiritual starvation or a spiritually deficient lifestyle may look like this:

A life that lacks proper, appropriate, adequate, and/or life-sustaining spiritual nutrition (Translation: A life with severely low to no connection with God, which looks like -> no down-on-your-face time or prayer time, no Word walking or studying of the Bible, no praise pursuits, no self-examination or confession session talks with the Most High, no comparative reflections on how your life looks in relation to the life of Christ, no fasting and praying when you’ve reached the utter end of self or when you may be lacking in faith)

A life that is devoid of energy (Translation: A life that has absolutely no passion, no zeal, no fervor, no intensity for the LORD or for the things of the LORD, which looks like this -> there is no desire to seek, to serve, to influence kingdom-mindedness, to edify and encourage or to be edified and encouraged)

A life that is empty (Translation: A life that is disconnected, disengaged, detached and/or disinterested in anything pertaining to relationship, whether it be with God, with others, or even in regard to self; it looks like this -> no fellowship time, no covenant communication or connection, no quiet time spent being still and knowing that I AM is God and LORD, apostasy/immorality/idolatry/sinful pursuits (and the appearances thereof), much like that of the prodigal)

What can be done to ward against starving to death in the spiritual sense? What can be done to counter the spiritually deficient lifestyle? MB900407331

1) REST (Rest in the LORD.)

2) REMEMBER (Remember those things which you have been taught.)

3) REPLENISH (Replenish yourself in the ways that contribute to growth and maturity in the faith.)

A.M. Scripture Reflection: 1 Peter


2 thoughts on “Starving to Death (A Sobering Look at a Spiritually Deficient Lifestyle)

    • It’s quite something when you really stop and think about it. You wouldn’t believe how many of us convince ourselves that everything is alright. It’s like we’re lulled into a comfortable acceptance.

      I could go further, trust me. I haven’t even gotten started on the complexities of the spiritually dehydrated.

      Love you in Christ!

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