The Sunday Bible Study Series: Restless (Week 5/8)

RESTLESS – Because You Were Made for More by Jennie Allen

Week 5: Places

Sometimes in life, we wonder why on earth God placed us where He did or when He did for that matter. We question His reasoning. We question His leadership. We question His intended purposes…especially when we have to suffer in the process. Read this week’s lesson and begin to appreciate the significance of where you stand and where you have been called to serve.

Goals for the Week: 922360

1) Read Genesis 39-40.

2) Compile a list of all the ways in which Joseph suffered, as well as a list on how he prospered at the hand of the LORD.

3) Take some time to reflect on Philippians 1:19.

4) Complete a word study on contentment.

Taking Action:

This week’s challenge will be to complete the following tasks:

– Answer the following question in your journal: What is the spiritual value of longsuffering?

– If you have the study video or access to the video, please watch the session entitled Places.

From Jennie:

“Do great works wherever you are. But also do not be afraid to go (and do not be afraid to stay.)”

(SG, p. 106)


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