Traces of Mercy|A Phone Tree Book Recommendation

17165463Recommended Book: Traces of Mercy

From Michael Landon Jr. and Cindy Kelley, authors of The Silent Gift and creators of the hit television film Love Comes Softly, comes an exciting historical romance set in post-Civil War, and filled with suspense and faith-building values.

About the Book:

At the war’s end, a young woman suffers an accident that leaves her unconscious and alone. Waking with amnesia, she takes the name Mercy and wants more than anything to find out the truth of her past. But then a handsome stranger arrives, who may hold the key to everything she has forgotten. What he knows could devastate her future, and even end her life.

Phone Tree Review:

In truth, it’s been rather hard for me to rightly describe this book. It was many things, you see. It was intense. It was touching. It was surprising. It was suspenseful. It was different. In fact, I now find myself wanting to say this, I don’t know if I have ever started a book and been on the verge of boo hoo crying. Seriously! The beginning was startling. But then again, the story itself was startling. Why? Well, it’s because the thing you think you know turns out to be something you have no idea about. Wow!

What grabbed my attention: A female impersonating a male soldier during the Civil War. A female who was a sniper with a bucket load of kills. A female who was a sniper who failed at a final kill and just stood there as her mark rode away. A female sniper who impersonated a male soldier and was later found out to be a woman. A woman who suffered amnesia after a CHI, then takes up with her “enemy” soon after. A woman who has no ready recollection of who she was being faced with an impossible challenge and an unexpected blast from her near recent past. C’mon, this is good stuff! It doesn’t get any better. Certainly not.

Of course, there is more to this story, but good grief, the things I just shared should be enough to get and keep your attention. It certainly did mine. And no matter how the book ended, it was an incredible read. Incredible!

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Recommend: Yes

A complimentary e-copy of this title was made available by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The words that I have shared (or rather tried to express in the best way I know how) are indeed my own.


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