The Sunday Bible Study Series: Restless (Week 7/8)

RESTLESS – Because You Were Made for More by Jennie Allen

Week 7: Passions

The lesson from this week features one of the most profound messages in Jennie’s book, in my opinion. It speaks in great detail about passion pursuits and how they have the potential to play out in our lives. I love that! Read lesson six carefully, thoughtfully, and thoroughly and let me know what you think.

Goals for the Week: 922360

1) Read Genesis 41:41-56 and 47:13-31.

2) Complete a study on the word passion.

3)  True of False:

– “God often leads us to passions through suffering experienced or perceived.”

– “…passions are also born out of observing suffering.”

– “…when we were bought by Christ, we exchanged our heart full of self-seeking passions for things on this earth for God’s heart.”

4) Consider what might have been Joseph’s motivation or passion pursuit at this point in his story. (What drove him? What or who kept him going? How can his story’s lesson translate into our lives today?) 

5) Commit yourself to reading Colossians 3:17 two times a day over the next week.

Taking Action:

This week’s challenge will be to complete the following tasks:

– Organize a community action impact activity based on one of your passion pursuits. (Remember, community can be your family, a network of friends, an assembly of fellow believers, and/or a group of volunteers from a general number.  Pray for God’s leadership throughout the process, and allow Him to direct your steps.)

– If you have the study video or access to the video, please watch the session entitled Passions.

From Jennie:

“Our passions determine our direction.” 

(SG, p. 147)


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