When Help Seems So Far Away

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed or burdened that you lost sight of yourself?

Have you ever been surrounded by so many and yet felt utterly alone, cut off, or disconnected?

In studying the life of Joseph, one can see so much as it relates to burden and isolation. Because of that, I began wondering about the emotional, mental, and spiritual states that he must have experienced. Surely, some element of anxiety existed at one point or another. Certainly a moment of fear or perhaps a second of melancholy came to pass. Maybe a millisecond of doubt cropped up. Joseph was, after all, a man like us, and as such, he was subject to a man’s emotions and feelings. Emotions and feelings which likely impacted his spiritual condition.

Isn’t that – anxiety, fear, melancholy, and doubt – what we feel when we are placed in difficult spots? Don’t we feel overwhelmingly burdened and sometimes even a little isolated when we are in the midst of a horrible crisis? Don’t we feel a sense of hopeless abandonment to the point that it feels like self against the world? Let’s be honest about it.

Don’t misunderstand the point I’m trying to make. I cannot speak for Joseph nor am I trying to do so; I am merely trying to get us to consider his plight and to appreciate the lesson that there is a help and hope even when it seems so far away.

No matter our burden, no matter our momentary lapse of faith, no matter our emotional, mental, or spiritual state, there is always help.

I began this post by asking two key questions. Look back at them now. A truth lies in each question. When help seems so far away, whether we are looking at it through the eyes of Joseph’s story or living through the experience of our own lives, we simply need to lose sight of self and connect with the One who matters the most.

Isn’t that powerful?

Isn’t that what Joseph did?

Isn’t that what we are encouraged to do?

Challenge: Select a person from the Bible whom you admire or who has a story that resonates with you. Study his or her life for a time. Come back and ask yourself whether or not he was burdened with something, whether he experienced an episode of anxiety, doubt, melancholy, fear, or faith shaking, and finally ask yourself whether or not he had to get to a place of total reliance and connect with the LORD.

Verse of Meditation (no matter where you are or what you are going through): Romans 12:2


2 thoughts on “When Help Seems So Far Away

  1. Been having several of these emotions…… On Monday started reading and meditating on the lives of others in the Bible. Been crying and praying this morning, and not ashamed to let others know. I had to get it all out before the One and Only True and Living God. I know we all have had these moments. Climbing up and out of them with God, family, and friends does help. Keeping it bottled up inside creates more opportunity for Satan. He cannot win! He will not control me! Like Paul, I am cast down, but not destroyed. 2 Cor.4:7-9

    • Exactly! What a powerful testimony with a very encouraging message. You have truly hit the nail on the head with your words. “Climbing up and out of them with God, family, and friends does help. Keeping it bottled up inside creates more opportunity for Satan. He cannot win!”

      Praise God for Jesus Christ and His guarantee of salvation. Right?!?! Satan CANNOT win nor can he control us. (Imagine me yelling that aloud with full conviction and passion.) We have been given the power and assurance to overcome. And then there is so much more available to us. Paul got that thing right. Joseph lived it out. What!

      I’m all over your reference verse; thank you very much.

      May the God of all comfort overwhelm you with His grace.

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