MAY BOOK CLUB CHAT|Letters from Ruby (Week 4/4) – Sharing Forgiveness, Sharing Faith

A Phone Tree Book Club Feature: Letters from Ruby, Week 4

Sharing Forgiveness, Sharing Faith…

“…he had deprived himself of the chance for reconciliation…because he was afraid to face them, afraid of what they would say.”

Q & A: Chapter 13 – Chapter 16 and the Epilogue17846019

1) Calvin hit a new low in chapter 13, and as a result, he hurt those closest to him. The young reverend was so overcome with remorse and shame that he avoided his morning prayer group for two weeks.

Question: How can guilt and shame be effectively dealt with so that one can move forward with his or her life?

2) When Calvin and Dr. Pennyworth were speaking about Whit’s health and possible prognosis, a very important point was made regarding prayers.

Calvin: “What about all the prayer I’ve been doing for him? Doesn’t that count for something?”

Dr. Pennyworth: “…praying for healing is not the same thing as praying for curing.”

Calvin: “What do  you mean?”

Dr. Pennyworth: “Curing means being rid of disease. Healing means finding new wholeness. Sometimes healing and curing happen in conjunction with one another. Sometimes a person can be cured but not be whole. And sometimes a person finds wholeness while the disease rages on.”

Question: When you have prayed to God in the past (regarding illness or even more so regarding sin), have you focused on praying for healing, curing, or both? Discuss.

3) When Whit returned home for hospice care, Calvin noticed how his eyes spanned the room and took in each life that was present and attending to his needs. He noticed how Whit’s eyes ended where his reflection began.

Question: What are the things that truly matter in one’s life?

4) “Dear God, We have no words that could possibly match the mystery of what you are doing…but we pray anyway, hoping that you will elevate our humble offerings by your grace.”

Question: How do these words speak to your heart today? 

“Peace is always beautiful.”
― Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Goodreads Reviews: Letters from Ruby

Phone Tree Rating: 5/5
Recommend: Yes
Bookshelf Worthy: Yes
Other: Exceptional as inspirational fiction goes; ideal for book clubs


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