The swiftness with which we lose ourselves in idols is alarming. There is no other way to say it.

As soon as one idol is recognized and exorcised from our lives, another reveals itself.

Perhaps this, the newest idol, might have been  a passing thought or a harmless fancy once upon a time. But now, this new-old or old-new one somehow seems to be bigger. It appears to be more threatening.

All of the emotional and spiritual tension that it churns up should make it abundantly clear that idol waves are very real, and they are very dangerous.

Tunnel Wave

Idol waves loom over our lives. They suffocate us. They burden us. They overwhelm us. And if we are not careful, they can drown us to the point of death and eternal loss.

Is there any help or hope for the drowning man? Can salvation be found for those who succumb to the tidal wave of idols? Yes! There is help. There is hope. There is salvation.

Those who seem to be lost out at sea, those who are doing all that they can to stay afloat, those who are going under, and even those who have been capsized by idols can find relief and deliverance in Jesus.


The Bible speaks thoroughly and clearly about the peculiar fascination and deadly desire that God’s people had and have for idols of all kinds. It also speaks about His divine deliverance and liberation from those idols. Get started reading your Bible today! If you have any questions or just need a place to start, connect with The Phone Tree Bible Study Group at today.


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