My 5P Study Notes: Thessalonians (Letter 1, Chapter 1)

Thessalonians Summer Series
June-July 2014
5P Bible Study Method

Spine of a BibleBackground (quick sum): Paul’s association with Thessalonica; after period of ministry and teaching in synagogue, Jews rebelled -> “these men turning the world upside down” (see Acts 17); letter of encouragement; distinguishes between walking upright and warning against non-upright practices

Chapter 1:
Pore, Paraphrase, Pull Out ->
– important to speak to and encourage those living in God AND Jesus
– share God’s salutations and comforting presence often (grace, peace)
– pray for others
– actions on behalf of true faith -> tireless toil/work of love/unwavering, unending, unfailing hope in Christ
– love actions and heart nature/attitude that stands out and can be observed
– chosen (remember and recognize)
– experiences as a result of the Good News (salvation is more than words; it is life-empowering and Spirit-infused; it offers complete hope and assurance)
– live transparently
– model life after the LORD (also live in such a way that others can model your in-Christ life) = A MODEL OF FAITH
– take God’s words to heart
– teach God’s Word with joy, being led by the Holy Spirit…in good times and bad times
– be mindful of how we treat brethren
– turn to God completely, aligning life with Him = HIS
– leave your idols, see them for what/who they are
– Wait for Jesus, the rescuer
– live out faith transparently even in the midst of commotion

Pose ->
1) Do I pray for and encourage others?
2) Do I extend or even show grace and peace to others?
3) Do I live believing that God is my comforting peace, that He is my grace model and giver?
4) When I pray for others, what’s it about and where is it coming from?
5) What works of love am I doing?
6) What can I say about my hope in Christ? Is it consistent?
7) If I were on the outside looking in at my life, what would I say and what could I see? (Who am I and what am I about really?)
8) Do I fully appreciate what it means to be chosen? Why is this important?/If not, why not? What holds me back from seeing or even appreciating my choseness?
9) Am I all talk or do I have substance?
10) Have I truly allowed the Spirit of God to have His way with me? What does that look like?
11) What’s the breakdown of “living transparently?”
12) Do I believe? What do I believe? Why do I believe? How do I believe?
13) Am I a person that lives with joy in all seasons, that praises God in every circumstance, that is content where and when I am? If not, why not?
14) What is the root of me?
15) Who do I belong to – self, idols, both, or God?
16) How often do I look to see what or who my idols are? What do I do with my idols once I recognize them?
17) Have I only allowed Jesus to rescue me only once versus everyday?
18) What do I need to do in order to wait for Jesus? (Side study: Virgins…lamps)
19) How did Jesus live, walk, move, breathe in the midst of commotion?
20) How do I treat others? How do I treat myself? How do I and am I treating God?

Plan and Pin -> Answer every question in journal and/or through prayer.

Join me all summer long as I work my way through 1 and 2 Thessalonians using P. Shirer’s 5P Bible Study Method. In addition to this, I will be completing Beth Moore’s latest study, Children of the Day, so you may get a few extra tidbits here and there. God bless and stay in His Word!


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