My 5P Study Notes: Thessalonians (Letter 1, Chapter 2)

Thessalonians Summer Series
June-July 2014
5P Bible Study Method

“Few of us actually get physically beaten up for serving Christ. But each of us have been ‘treated outrageously,’ and the prospect of putting ourselves at risk again can be terrifying. We can’t let Satan shut us in or he wins that battle. He’s trying to make wound-lickers out of warriors…God can embolden us.” – Beth Moore, Children of the Day

Chapter 2: Pad of Paper & Pen
Pore, Paraphrase, Pull Out ->
– There is always a purpose in where and why God sends us.
– Even in the face of hardships and suffering, don’t stop declaring God’s Good News.
– Be bold in what you do for the LORD.
– Sometimes when you speak up for the LORD, conflict will come. Learn to expect it but do not be overcome by it.
– We have been given an assignment and a responsibility to share God’s message of salvation.
– Do not try to please others; focus on pleasing God.
– Be mindful that God examines and knows the heart. He is fully aware of why we do what we do.
– Our goal, our motivation, and our intent should always be God-focused.
– Be gentle and holy, just and blameless.
– Never forget the importance of comforting, consoling and encouraging others.
– Live a life worthy of God. Let your existence be about the glory of the Father.
– Give honor to God without pause. His praises should go forth continually.
– Personalize the Word of God.
– God speaks so make sure you are listening.
– The Word is at work in those who believe.
– As believers, you will find yourself among unbelievers. Do not lose heart.
– Satan will try to thwart your plans. Don’t grow weary, for God is with you.
– The reward of the faithful is the LORD Himself.
– Be the glory and the joy of the LORD.

Pose ->
1) Am I presently questioning why God has me where He has me?
2) When a conflict or challenge comes, do I remain silent or declare the message of God even more?
3) How do I show my boldness for the LORD outwardly (and inwardly)?
4) In what ways do I speak up for God?
5) Is the way that I handle difficult situations God-focused?
6) Who have I most recently shared the Word of God with?
7) Am I a people-pleaser or a God-pleaser?
8) What does my heart say about me, my love for others, and/or my love for God?
9) How do I display gentleness? Holiness?
10) What are some ways to comfort, console, and encourage others?
11) How do I dedicate myself to the LORD?
12) What comes out of my mouth more – praise or complaints?
13) What does it mean to personalize the Word of God?
14) How does one really go about listening to God?
15) What are some examples of how God’s word has worked in my life?
16) Do I genuinely carry myself as a believer or more so as an unbeliever?
17) Am I intimidated by Satan?
18) Do I trust God to be God?
19) How often do I remind myself of the reward of the LORD and why is it important to do so?
20) What does it mean to “be” as it relates to the joy and glory of the LORD?

Plan and Pin -> Answer every question in journal and/or through prayer. Select 2-3 questions to discuss with an accountability partner.

Join me all summer long as I work my way through 1 and 2 Thessalonians using P. Shirer’s 5P Bible Study Method. In addition to this, I will be completing Beth Moore’s latest study, Children of the Day, so you may get a few extra tidbits here and there. God bless and stay in His Word!


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