My 5P Study Notes: Thessalonians (Letter 1, Chapter 4)

BookThessalonians Summer Series
June-July 2014
5P Bible Study Method

Chapter 4:
Pore, Paraphrase, Pull Out ->

– Remember what you have learned. Don’t forget its benefit.
– Live a life that is pleasing to God.
– Live and thrive in that which is holy and godly.
– Instructions for living a life in Christ are specified in detail in the Bible. Spend time getting to know God’s instructions on an intimate and personal level.
– God’s will is for His children to be set apart from the world. He desires for His own to live a holy existence.
– Avoid polluting your life. Refrain from defiling practices.
– Practice self-discipline and have full control over your body. Better yet, give your body over to the LORD that He might bring it under His subjection.
– Maintain purity of mind, heart, and spirit.
– Live with honor. Honor is rooted in Christ.
– Don’t allow lustful passion to dictate your choices, run your life, or steer you in a direction you should not be going.
– Esteem God. Appreciate others. Value self. These all originate from the greatest source of love.
– Practice righteousness by being peaceable, fair, respectful, and honest.
– Do not take advantage of anyone.
– The LORD will execute His holy justice on all.
– Seek that which is of God.
– The Holy Spirit of God has been given to those who follow Christ. He lives within and directs our hearts to that which is holy.
– Care for those inside (and outside) of the faith.
– Love outside of yourself. (If you do not know how to love, the Holy Spirit, Christ and God will show you. Allow the Word to teach you.)
– Love and then love more. Let there be no limit.
– Have a spiritual goal that focuses on living in peace and working in Christ.
– Mind your own business.
– Depend on the LORD for all things.
– Be fully informed on matters of the LORD. To do this, read His Truth.
– Jesus died, rose, and ascended. He will come again.
– Jesus is the anointed of God. He is the liberating King who saves all who would know Him!
– Comfort and encourage each other with the message of hope that comes through the Good News of the Gospel.

Pose ->
1) How much time do I legitimately spend in the Word for myself?
2) Is there a benefit to practicing Scripture memorization? Writing out Scripture? Having weekly Bible discussions? Attending Biblical education classes? Participating in online Bible studies?
3) What am I presently doing that could be listed as “pleasing to God?”
4) What are the Hebrew and Greek definitions of holy and godly?
5) Which ways are the best ways to connect with God and His Word?
6) In what ways am I different from the world? In what ways am I similar to the world?
7) How did Jesus show Himself to be holy?
8) Do I engage in any practices that could be considered defiling? What are the practices and why do I engage in them?
9) Why is having self-control important?
10) What scriptures speak to the matter of subjection or surrender?
11) How do purity of mind, heart, and spirit benefit me in the most spiritual sense?
12) What does living with honor look like? Are honor and integrity related?
13) What is the difference between zealous passion and lustful passion?
14) When I make choices for my life, do I consult the LORD?
15) Are the paths that I take in life leading me to God or away from God?
16) What are my true thoughts about love?
17) Do I really love God? Others? Myself?
18) What does it mean to practice righteousness?
19) Is there a particular story from the Bible that speaks to being peaceable, fair, respectful and honest?
20) Do I take advantage of anyone or allow anyone to take advantage of me?
21) Have I wrongly tried to execute justice in the place of God?
22) If I were to analyze my life, would I find that most of my endeavors were of God or not of God?
23) What is the role of the Holy Spirit and how can He transform my life?
24) Do I try to lead the Holy Spirit or do I allow Him to lead me?
25) What are some ways to show others that I care?
26) How can I effectively I love outside of myself?
27) Do I tend to display unconditional love or conditional love?
28) What are those things that might hold me back from loving the way that the LORD desires?
29) What are my spiritual goals and why is it important to have them?
30) Do I mind my own business or am I a busybody?
31) Does the LORD want me to depend on Him for all things? Do I? (Why or why not?)
32) What are the 2 greatest things God needs/wants me to know?
33) What is the Good News of the Gospel, and what is the promise of God?
34) What does the anointed of God mean as it relates to Jesus?
35) Have I made Jesus Christ the King of my life?
36) What do I truly hope for and is my hope possible through Christ?

Plan and Pin -> Answer every question in my journal and/or through prayer. Pen a short essay on how the holiness of the LORD manifests itself in my life.

9781430028604This Week’s Top 5 Takeaways from Children of the Day by Beth Moore
– Compare the endings of 1 Thes. 4:1 and 1 Thes. 4:10.
– “In these days of burgeoning hatred, violence, madness, and terror, we are a people called to more and more love and more and more diligence while reflecting more and more of God’s glory…’More and more’ one direction will force its antithesis into ‘less and less.’ We get to decide which we want to feed and which we want to starve.”
– “Mind Your Own Business”: Some things we cannot handle knowing and still love like we are called to love. Only Jesus can maintain an unwavering, healthy affection while knowing all things, reading all hearts, and seeing behind all doors.
 – Reflecting on Job 6:11-13 and how it relates to hopelessness and hope.
– The 28-Day Scripture Prayer Challenge (pp. 226-239)

Join me all summer long as I work my way through 1 and 2 Thessalonians using P. Shirer’s 5P Bible Study Method. In addition to this, I will be completing Beth Moore’s latest study, Children of the Day, so you may get a few extra tidbits here and there. God bless and stay in His Word!


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