Family Fun Time Reading with the Berenstain Bears

What better way to teach a lesson than to visit the Berenstain Bears. Both you and your kids will love what you discover!

Benefits and Rewards of Reading To and With Your Kids:
– Fosters communication
– Builds vocabulary
– Promotes a healthy exchange of thoughts and ideas
– Provides an opportunity to discuss morals and values
– Teaches children how to be effective listeners, as well as good conversationalists
– Facilitates creative expression
– Encourages the use of imagination
– Affords the Christian family a chance to discuss the Bible
– Sets the stage for higher learning

* As some children are better visual learners and require a different way of accessing and processing information, I would like to assure parents that the Berenstain Bears also have a wonderful video learning series that goes along with their books.

Learn more on the Bear Family: The Berenstain Bears
For Parents: The Parents’ Den
For Kids: Kids Site Activities
Shopping: Books and Videos

If you would like to learn about any more kid-friendly or family-friendly book recommendations, please make mention of it in the comment section of this post. Happy Reading! Happy Viewing! Happy Learning! Happy Growing!


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