HeBrews: A Better Blend – An Eight-Week Bible Study by Leah Adams

22245073HeBrews: A Better Blend – An Eight-Week Bible Study by Leah Adams

HeBrews: A Better Blend by Leah Adams is a most exceptional Bible study. Why? It is so because it stays true to the concept of Bible study. What I mean by that is that it utilizes key strategies to get the student into the Word of God. Additionally, it encourages the student to study not only for herself and to come to a point of realization based on the Scriptures, but it also encourages her [the student] to study in a group format so as to engage in healthy Bible discussions.

What I Loved About This Study:
– the author’s voice and writing style were conversational and personal
– the presented vignettes were easy to relate to
– the use of Scripture was thorough and detailed
– the Old Testament and New Testament relationship was discussed
– the word studies were relevant
– the illustrations were helpful and useful
– the simplicity of language per section was effectively communicated
– the posed questions were applicable for any stage of life or season of experience
– the weekly prayers were inspiring
– the designated spaces for responses, Scripture reflection, and notations were plentiful
– the use of related commentary and resources was appreciated; it served to influence further study
– the author did not push her point of view or lead the student to her [Leah’s] beliefs
– the Gospel was revealed
– the study showed students how to dig deeper
– the recipes were a delightful addition that should hold an appeal for many
– the study invited me to want to know more(which is vital for my personal lifeblood and connection with the Most High; this is why I study the Bible and encourage others to do so as well)

While I did very much love this study, there was one point that I had a little trouble with. I cannot say that I totally agreed with the way the information was presented, although I am familiar with it. I felt that the author could have flushed this particular point a bit more.

I would adore sitting down with Leah Adams and having Bible study with her. She writes in a voice that sounds like my own. Her considerate questions, her expressed thoughts and her gentle encouragement were wonderful.

Lastly, this is the type of Bible study that I love to feature on my site (and I think I will in the future). I think it would be received well and draw many out into a discussion about the things that God would have us know.

Rating: 4.5/5
Recommend: Yes
Bookshelf Worthy: Yes
Hard Copy or E-copy: HARD COPY preferred*  (* this is a personal choice; however, an e-copy would be acceptable for those who like digital works)
Audience: All
Options: Women’s, Men’s, and Coeducational Classes, Young Adult/College Students, New Converts and Seekers, Adult/Older Adult, Biblical Education Ministry, Church Library)

To learn more about this book: HeBrews: A Better Blend

A complimentary e-copy of this title was made available via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The words I have shared are my own. I was not required to submit a positive critique. Additionally, I was not compensated for my review in any way.


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