My 5P Study Notes: Thessalonians (Letter 1, Chapter 5)

Thessalonians Summer Series
June-July 2014
5P Bible Study Method

Chapter 5: Book
Pore, Paraphrase, Pull Out ->

– The truth of God is always readily available to all who desire to know it.
– The day of the LORD will come upon man swiftly, without warning.
– God has manifested His marvelous glory and light in the person of Jesus Christ.
– Those who know Christ have been made aware of what is to come.
– Darkness cannot consume or enslave those who are truly of the Light.
– The found are the saved and the saved are the found.
– We do not have to wander around as nomads in a foreign land; we have been given divine direction which will ultimately lead us to heaven if we are faithful and true.
– Be aware and stay alert.
– Having self-control is beneficial on this journey.
– Let righteousness cover your heart and radiate the glory of the LORD. Let faith and love shield you. Let hope rest upon you.
– We are the chosen of God.
– Because of Christ, we are heirs of salvation.
– Jesus, the anointed of God, gave His life for us.
– Support and build up one another.
– Express your appreciation to those who serve, as well as to those who lead you in the LORD.
– Allow peace to live in your heart.
– Rebuke those who cause chaos and wreak havoc among you. Let God’s truth speak!
– Serve, love, encourage and give of yourself when it comes to the downcast, the weak, the sick and the afflicted.
– Practice patience.
– Pursue that which is good.
– Do not be overcome by evil nor ruled by its hand.
– Celebrate always. Praise God always.
– Pray constantly; never cease.
– Show gratitude to God in every circumstance – good or bad, happy or sad, easy or hard, problem free or problem filled.
– Do not try to control the Holy Spirit, rather allow Him to control you.
– With an eye toward God, examine and test everything to see its origin and purpose.
– Abstain, reject, stay away from, and avoid every evil and every dark sin.
– Belong to the LORD…completely. Be HIS!
– God can sanctify each of us in such a way that the world cannot touch us.
– See the value of belonging to the Most High and the Holiest of the Holy.
– God is faithful. (Hallelujah!)
– Do not be afraid of receiving or giving the holy kiss.
– There is beauty and freedom in grace.

Pose ->
1) Why is man so afraid of God’s truth? Am I afraid?
2) How strong is my desire for the LORD? Do I want Him more…
3) Do I have confidence in where I stand concerning the day of the LORD?
4) How well have I allowed myself to know Christ?
5) Have I allowed darkness to press upon me in this season?
6) What does it mean to be found and/or what does it mean to be saved?
7) How lost am I exactly?
8) What is my definition of divine direction and how does it compare to God’s word?
9) When looking at the act of staying alert, what does it entail?
10) Why is self-control needed on a daily basis?
11) How does an heir of salvation, one of God’s chosen, talk, walk, serve, praise, and/or study?
12) Why did Jesus give His life for me? (Break it down and regurgitate it.)
13) Why should we edify one another?
14) How many times today did I say thank you to someone else?
15) Have I prayed for leaders in and out of the body of Christ?
16) What lives in my heart?
17) When (and before) I open my mouth, do I consider God’s truth?
18) Is my love-in-action response the same as Christ’s?
19) Do I understand what it means to “practice patience?”
20) Have I ventured to define evil? What does it look like as it relates to my life?
21) How often do I celebrate God?
22) Did I pray today? What did I pray about?
23) Do I show gratitude and thankfulness to God in EVERY circumstance?
24) Who is running this spiritual life/abundant life show?
25) Am I HIS yet?
26) What, if anything, is holding me back from having a radical faith?
27) Have I done an extensive study on the faithfulness of God to date?
28) What is a holy kiss?
29) How does grace look in the everyday workings of life?
30) Have I shared the message of Thessalonians with anyone else?

Plan and Pin -> Answer every question in my journal and/or through prayer. Complete a Spiritual Life Fitness Inventory.

Join me all summer long as I work my way through 1 and 2 Thessalonians using P. Shirer’s 5P Bible Study Method. In addition to this, I will be completing Beth Moore’s latest study, Children of the Day, so you may get a few extra tidbits here and there. God bless and stay in His Word!


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