This summer, I have been both fortunate and blessed to be able to participate in a live Bible study series that is all about an extraordinary God. Each week, the teacher challenges us to take a look at God through the scope of the remarkable. He encourages us to view the extraordinary nature of God through some of the lesser known stories of the Bible. From there, he wants us to recognize how the lesson we learn manifests itself in our lives. Last night’s Judges 11 focus astonished me greatly!

Scripture Reading: Judges 11

Question: How does God show His extraordinary nature in this story?

When this question was put forth before my Bible class, there were so many responses. The responses were deep and thought-provoking. They were relevant and helpful. But the two that hit me over the head dealt with the graciousness of God and the fact that God is so praiseworthy.

God’s presence and influence are all over this story. His mark of grace is evident throughout. How He took the son of a prostitute, fashioned him into a mighty warrior, humbled those who ostracized and belittled him, and then worked in such a way that would bring Him further glory and praise, it’s spectacular! And still, there is more.

So…I have three questions for you today. These questions are aimed at helping you to become more spiritually aware and more spiritually fit where God is concerned.

1) What makes God extraordinary in your eyes?

2) Can you be extraordinary without God?

3) Could your current hardship, struggle, circumstance, or challenge be preparing you for an extraordinary encounter with the LORD?


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